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Virtual Driving brought to the classroom

Young people are being given the opportunity to hone their driving skills in a new computer-based brain-training package now offered in more than 200 schools. DriveiQ is an interactive learning devic... Read More

Whiplash drives car insurance up

Car insurance is being driven up by whiplash claims and ambulance-chasing lawyers, a report by MPs has found. During the past three years, the number of whiplash claims has jumped by a third f... Read More

Dynamic insurance pricing

A recent development in personal lines underwriting and young drivers car insurance has been the use of dynamic pricing. An insurer may decide to increase its rates to improve overall profitability. ... Read More

Aggregators and motor insurance

The aggregators continue to grow their share of motor insurance market. (With credit to a report by Ernst & Young for some of the information in this article.) The impact on the motor... Read More

How to Improve Your MPG

When you're driving do you ever think about your fuel economy? With the prices of petrol and diesel increasing, saving money is on the minds of many motorists. If you are looking f... Read More
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