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Young drivers love Smart cars; they’re great for city driving, a dream to park, economical to run and cheap to insure.

If you’re trying to keep the cost of motoring down and you’re looking for affordable insurance for your Smart car, 4 Young Drivers is keen to help.

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Insurance aside, young drivers are also attracted to Smart cars for their style. There are some really fun models to choose from, including several sporty cabriolets.

Several variants on the car’s original design have been introduced since its first release, with even the sportiest coupé offering good value to insure.

Smart Car insurance groups

  • Latest models of the Smart Fortwo should be the cheapest to insure, with many models falling into Insurance Group 3 and none (except the Brabus) exceeding Group 9. Some earlier models (2007 to 2014) offer even better insurance value in Group 2.
  • Current models of the Smart Fourfour range from Insurance Groups 2 to 9, except for some Brabus models, which can go up to Group 11.
  • Insurance Groups for the Smart City-Coupé and City-Cabrio range from Group 7 to Group 11, with the sportier features of the Brabus model putting it into Insurance Group 17.
  • The Smart Crossblade falls into Insurance Group 16
  • The Smart Roadster Coupé is slightly pricier to insure owing to its fun, sporty image, ranging from Group 20 to 26.

No matter which Smart car you’re insuring, try 4 Young Drivers for a quote.

Released On 14th Sep 2006

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